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The ST-Lima is a powerful GPS locater designed for personal safety in the more rugged environments we find ourselves in. whether it’s when you are walking, running or cycling, the ST-Lima is the perfect device for the serious athletes and the weekend warriors. The PANIC SOS button is one of the min features of the device allowing the person to alert the Safe-T Solutions 24-hour operations centre of a panic situation should one arise.
The ST-BRAVO is a powerful GPS locator designed for personal safety, it is the perfect device for children who walk or cycle to school. The PANIC SOS button is one of the main features of the device allowing your child to alert the Safe-T Solutions 24-hour operations centre of a panic situation should one arise. The ST-Bravo has four please call me buttons that will send a please call me SMS to the nominated numbers allowing the recipient to call the child on the actual device. With its full GPS tracking capabilities, the ST-BRAVO can be tracked and monitored using the Safe-T solutions 24-hour state of the art mapping facility. Its built in 3-axis accelerometer allows motion detection and extended battery life through sophisticated power management settings. The Safe-T Solutions mapping software supports a wide variety of down loadable movement and incident reports.

With just the push of a button, the on-board vehicle
system gives you access to a 24-Hour Operations
Centre, for peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

  • Two-way communication with driver
  • Crash alert
  • Live tracking
  • Panic button (linked to 24-hour Operations Centre)
  • Please Call Me button (linked to contact number of choice)
  • Alerts and notifications

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Safe-T Tracking Solutions
Key Product Features


The user can establish communications with Ops, as well as family and friends via the device should the need arise.

GPS Tracking

With over 65 satellites in geo-synchronise orbit around the earth, GPS coordinates are attained buy using 3 or more satellites.

Round the clock

Safe-T Solutions highly trained incident management team are on call 24 hours a
day to deal with any incident.

Safe-T Assistance

The satellites work in conjunction with the local GSM network. The satellites acquire the exact position, while the GSM network transmits the location and DATA to Safe-T Solutions Operations Center, where our Operators stand poised to deal with any emergency.

Vehicle / Personal / Asset Tracking

The World Wide Web forms an integral part of the Safe-T Solutions service value system. The user is able to manage all the information associated with the devices anywhere in the world.


Devices that not only talk to Ops, but talk to each other at the same time in order to triangulate each others position and transmit there locations via the GSM network, even if satellites can’t.


Safe-T Solutions state of the art global mapping and Risk Management software for real time help and assistance.